User friendly installation

We offer a bot with easy user friendly installation. All you have to do is click to download


We provide many different types of support. We are available through our discord server where you can be helped 24/7. You can also contact us through our twitter direct messages or through our contact us tab in the bottom right of your screen!

Captcha Bypass

If you are someone who isn't always able to be by your computer then you wont have to worry about getting stopped by captcha because with F3ATHER we completely skip that part (USA/Canada only)!

Unlimited Tasks

There is not a limit to how many task you can make. The only thing stopping you from not making an unlimited amount of task is your bank account!

Restock Monitor

F3ATHER offers an EXTREMELY fast restock monitor. So if you missed or forgot about a drop, The bot will wait for the product to go in stock and checkout for you!

Proxy Support

We want to offer something that everyone loves to implement. With the ability to use proxies, you will never have to worry about getting banned from your favorite sites! Additionally, you also have the ability to spoof your location to where ever you want!

Sleek Design

Not only do we want to offer our customers a bot that is extremely fast and user friendly, but also for it to have a very nice graphical user interface!

AFK Capabilities

F3ATHER offers the ability to work semi-autonomously. This allows our users to handle and receive captcha automatically as the bot controls the key part. Just make sure your Gmail is up to par!

Incomparable Speed

F3ATHER is one of the fastest bot developed to date and will checkout before any other bot thus increasing your success rate!